Main Project Findings

MyNewGut has brought new knowledge about the gut microbiome’s contribution to non-communicable disease and mood disorders. The main findings have been presented at the MyNewGut Final Conference on 18 October 2018, Brussels, Belgium. All output has been recorded and can be viewed in the videos and materials below.



MyNewGut Final Conference: Presentations - YouTube

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  1. Next Steps Towards a Climate-Smart and Sustainable Food System for a Healthy Europe – Dr Carina Pereira, Policy Officer at the Agri-Food Chain Unit, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
  2. Funding Human Microbiome Research in the EUDirk Hadrich, Scientific Officer at DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
  3. FOOD 2030: Research and Innovation for Food and Nutrition Security  – Dr Barend Verachtert, Head of Unit Agri-Food Chain, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
  4. MyNewGut: Overview of the Main Project Achievements – Project coordinator Prof. Yolanda Sanz, National Research Council, Spain,
  5. Dietary Proteins: Goodness and Warnings for Weight Management – Prof. Francois Blachier, Research Director at the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA), France
  6. What Matters to Metabolic Health: Microbes, Metabolites or Both? –  Prof. Max Nieuwdorp from the Academic Medical Centre, The Netherlands
  7. Gut Microbiome as Predictors of Obesity and Addictive-Eating BehaviourProf. Patrizia Brigidi Fermentation Biotechnology, University of Bologna, Italy
  8. How Personal is Your Metabolic Response to the Diet? How Much Does it Matter?Dr Sandrine Claus, University of Reading, UK
  9. Developing a Psychobiotic for Stress – Prof. Ted Dinan of the University College Cork, Ireland
  10. Impact of Early Life Factors on the Developing Gut Microbiota and the Stress Response – Prof. Catherine Stanton, TEAGASC, Ireland
  11. Diet, Microbiota and Neurodevelopment – Prof. Cristina Campoy, EURISTIKOS Excellence Centre for Paediatric Research, Spain
  12. Diet, Microbiota and Emotional Behaviour – Prof. Peter Holzer from the Medical University Graz, Austria
  13. Understanding Specificities of Fibre-Microbiome Interactions: How can this help? – Prof. Nathalie Delzenne, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
  14. Effects of Fibre Supplementation on Obesity Management: A MyNewGut Randomised Controlled TrialDr Thomas Meinert Larsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  15. Dietary Recommendations and Gut Microbiome: How far are we? – Prof. Jan-Willem van der Kamp, Senior Officer International Projects at TNO and Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, The Netherlands
  16. Feeding Melancholic Microbes – Prof. Ted Dinan, University College Cork, Ireland





MyNewGut Final Conference: Interviews - YouTube


1. How MyNewGut impact’s on people’s life – the fibre perspective – Prof. Natalie Delzenne, UCL, Belgium

2. How MyNewGut impact’s on people’s life – treatments for depression – Prof. Ted Dinan, University College Cork, Ireland

3. How MyNewGut impact’s on people’s life – views on personalised nutrition – Prof.Patrizia Brigidi, UNIBO, Italy

4. How MyNewGut impact’s on people’s life – the microbiome in obesity – Project coordinator Prof. Yolanda Sanz, IATA-CSIC, Spain