Yolanda Sanz presents at "Better Foods for Better Health"

On June 4th Yolanda Sanz of IATA-CSIC, a MyNewGut partner, presented at the “Better Foods for Better Health” conference. This was organised by the Merieux Foundation, and aimed to present new perspectives from the microbiota approach, evaluate opportunities, and discuss the need for new tools of assessment. The symposium proved a platform to increaxe dialogue between academia, industry, and regulators. 

Her presentation was focused on “Optimising the host-microbiota partnership to tackle obesity: the EU My new gut project”.



Yolanda Sanz featured in El País


Yolanda Sanz of IATA-CSIC, a partner of MyNewGut, was featured in an article of the Spanish print and online news source, El País. 

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ECE 2016: Nathalie Delzenne

 Nathalie Delzenne represented Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), a MyNewGut partner, at the European society of Endocrinology’s annual conference this year in Munich, May 30th 2016.  

Her lecture was titledModulation of the gut microbiome by nutrients is implicated in the control of inflammation and metabolic disorders” and can be viewed below. 


Digestive Disease Week and European Obesity Summit

 On May 22nd 2016, Max Nieuwdorp (AMC), a MyNewGut partner, at the “Obesity, Metabolism, and Nutrition” section of Digestive Disease Week 2016, San Diego.           

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Trevor Lockett: On the Pulse


 Trevor Lockett represented CSIRO, a MyNewGut partner, at the “On the Pulse: The latest evidence of health benefits, innovations and intake recommendations for pulses” symposium, May 2nd 2016. His presentation was on pulses as a source of dietary fibre and its impact on gut microbiota and health.

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