December 9, 2023

Everyday, it can seem like a struggle to eat well. All day long we are bombarded with opportunities to derail our good intentions. That’s why now more than ever breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There should be no impediments to having a healthy start to the day. It is highly unlikely that you will be bombarded with a celebratory tray of cookies on your way to the bathroom after waking up. On the road to proper nutrition, breakfast should be the easiest meal to get on the right track.

Breakfast is a funny meal. by that I mean that people look at this meal differently than lunch or dinner. There is a certain level of routine associated with eating breakfast. People do not want to wake up and have to make new choices everyday for the most part. Especially, if the breakfast routine is part of a bigger routine, such as heading to work. For most, the morning program is to shower, dress, breakfast, and off to work. Some have breakfast at the office and some people may add in a morning workout at the gym.

If you want to make healthy choices where breakfast is concerned, it all starts at the grocery store. You have to make the right food choices. You can’t eat waffles, pancakes, or sugary cereals every morning. Oatmeal is a quick, easy, and excellent alternative. Plus, add some extra punch by throwing in some berries to sweeten it up. If you have time to cook up some eggs, throw in some pre-washed spinach, or another vegetable like broccoli, tomatoes, or mushrooms. If these choices seem viable, but you see obstacles to making the right changes, contact your local nutritionist Manhattan for assistance. They can offer plenty for other meal suggestions, too.

No matter what your daily responsibilities include, breakfast is easiest to control. Head to the grocery store and buy what you need to be able to have the healthy breakfast you crave. There should be no excuses that you can’t overcome. If you don’t have time to make breakfast, wake up earlier or prepare as much of it as you can the night before. Whether that means cracking some eggs or just setting out a bowl and utensils for oatmeal, those few minutes can be the game changer you need. Knowing that some of the work is already done, can be the difference between making yourself a healthy breakfast or deciding that it isn’t worth it and just buying yourself a donut and coffee on the way to your office.

If making breakfast at home, has zero chance of succeeding, then it may be time to look at viable options at the office. The first obstacle to overcome is drive-through breakfasts. You will give your nutritionist fits if you are having egg sandwiches on croissants or biscuits on your way to work. If you must eat during your morning commute, the food should come from home. If not, try “buddy breakfasts”. Chances are you are not the only one struggling with making healthy food choices. Speak with other office mates about their challenges with eating breakfast. If the fit is there, establish a program whereby you are each responsible for the others breakfast on a rotating basis. Your Nutritionist will be totally on board with this program and will be able to offer great suggestions. Whether it means making breakfast for both or buying breakfast of both, being accountable to each other will you avoid making poor choices.

Before beginning any fitness or nutrition program, submit to an examination with your doctor. Find out if there are any conditions to note. Your doctor should welcome a conversation with your nutritionist, as they are partners in your health.