January 31, 2023

With focus on problem gambling at an all time high, operators are now expected to put in place a wide range of responsible gambling measures in order to ensure player safety. In this piece, we’ll take a look at some of the most frequently seen responsible gambling tools.

Age and Identification verification

Also known as Know Your Customer (KYC), these checks are generally performed as soon as a new customer registers with an operator. For most players, the checks will be seamless, with the customers debit card details being used to perform a check very similar to the ones referred to as credit checks – off course in this case the checks performed leave no trace on a credit rating.

Only if the results of such checks are not as expected will the customer have to verify their identification in order to proceed with opening an account.

Financial and time limits

Those who gamble may from time to time have found that time seems to pass very quickly whilst gaming. It is for this reason that time limits can be immensely useful in keeping track of time and regulating the length of gaming sessions. Importantly reducing the length of gaming sessions can also reduce the likelihood of spending more money than intended.

Spending limits are also very effective in reducing the amount of money that a player spends during a gambling session. In both of the above cases, the player simply inputs the maximum amount they’re willing to spend in addition to the maximum amount of time they’re willing to be gambling for.

Self Exclusion and time out controls

Self exclusion is a very powerful tool when used correctly and it is a tool which operators must manage very, very carefully.

A player who opts to self exclude themselves will likely have determined that they are spending too much time or money gambling. They may even consider themselves to have a gambling problem.

Once a player files for self exclusion, they will effectively be blocked from accessing the casino for a specified period of time, without the ability to make the timeframe shorter and casinos must manage their self exclusion lists with extreme care to avoid sending marketing communications to those who have self excluded.


GamStop really is a fantastic tool when it comes to self exclusion for UK players. This clever service is essentially a giant self exclusion list which must be adhered to by all UK licensed casinos.

For those who have determined that they no longer wish to gamble online, joining this list is an important first step. Players will need to decide for how long they wish to to essentially be blocked from all UK licensed gambling websites.

Again and as with the self exclusion schemed offered by casinos, once a GamStop exclusion has been put in place, it is not possible to bring the exclusion period to an early end.

As you can see, in 2022 the UK gambling industry is really waking up to the importance of responsible gambling and it’s pleasing to see that tools are being put in place which do more than pay lip service to the topic.